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The Ultimate List of Startup Resources

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This startup thing is really tough. It’s really, properly, brain-achingly difficult. Luckily, them internets have LOTS OF HELP for starting, running and growing a business. Now you can have some too.

I’m always looking for more information-food to feed my startup brain. Newsletters, blogs, books, videos, conversations; whatever my greedy grey matter can get its mitts on. Here’s the best stuff I’ve found over the last few years.

I constantly refer back to this list of startup resources, to remind myself of things or to learn new ones – so I recommend you bookmark this page immediately. And share it with all your friends right now, so they know how influential and clever you are. And good-looking.

If you have any other amazing resources, please suggest them in the comments and I’ll include them in the list.




Start Things

The Best Startup Advice

The best startup advice Sam Altman of YCombinator has ever heard (95 items).

Ultimate Startup Cheatsheet

“The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Starting And Running A Business” ~> USA-focussed.

Properties of a Successful Company

Straightforward summary of the essentials of How to Do it Right.

Validate Your Idea

How to launch with a validated idea.

Build a Happy Startup

E-book guide to building a happy startup.


Create ‘launching soon’ pages, collect interest and build an audience before you launch.

Learn Stuff

Both Sides of the Table

Excellent startup advice blog by an entrepreneur-turned-VC.

Venture Hacks

Startup advice blog written by AngelList.

Startup Course

A free 14-week course about startups, including practical advice and exercises.

Learn New Skills

40 places to learn new skills online.


Platform to learn (and teach) anything.

Meet People


Address book that keeps all your contacts in one place and automatically up-to-date.


Platform to find (and organise) events – search for your interests.


Platform where startups connect to investors and talent.


Another platform to find (and organise) events – search for your interests.


Social network for entrepreneurs to collaborate, co-found and develop new businesses.

The Fetch

Weekly summary of (startup) events in London (and other world cities).

Get Stuff Done

Get Startup Tools

Premium service deals for startups.


Daily deals for startups and small businesses.


Free project management tool for any project and any team – super versatile.

Make Websites


See what the best startups and companies in the world are using.


Collaborative web and mobile mockup/UI prototyping tool.

Free WordPress Themes

10 starter themes and frameworks for WordPress.

Product Design Guide

Required reading for product designers.

Sell Things, Grow Stuff

Price Optimisation

A very useful blog about (SaaS) pricing – start with the Complete Guide.

Customer Conversion

How to convert singups to customers in 30 days.

Learn Growth Hacking

35 resources to help you learn about and growth hacking.

FullContact Playbook

Newsletter full of sales and marketing advice.

KISSmetrics Blog

Excellent blog about analytics, marketing and testing.

Get Money


Customized, automated legal documents for startups, investors, crowdfunding portals and attorneys.

Co-Founder Equity Calculator

Simple calculator to help you decide how much of the business each founder should get.

Guide to Investment

Collection of articles about investment agreements (term sheets), by Brad Feld, MD of Foundry Group.

Get Support

The NEF Directory

A HUGE list of enterprise-related resources from the New Entrepreneurs Foundation.

StartUp Britain

National campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – events, resources and deals.

Centre for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs’ Think Tank – Sign up for their newsletter (bottom of the page).


Business advice and tools for startups and small businesses.

Enterprise Europe Network

European Commission scheme that helps small business to make the most of the European marketplace.

Don’t Want to Start Things?

Why NOT to work in a startup

“10 reasons working in a startup is terrible”

For more useful resources (when I find them) I share them on Twitter: @isoworg.

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  • HungLee


    Awesome list guys – sending round!


  • Melody_Hossaini


    isoworg Love how after that long list, the last item: ‘Don’t want to start things? 10 Reasons why you need to work in a Startup’ Brill!


  • isoworg


    Melody_Hossaini Thank you! Anything you’d add?


  • willbentinck


    HungLee Thanks man, anything you’d add?


  • Melody_Hossaini


    isoworg Seems comprehensive-only thing I’d add is @ Start Things phase,entrepreneur needs to understand their own brand > ‘My Passport’


  • brett7three


    isoworg It looks like a lot to review, but I shall. DM me and we can set up a Google Hangout or something.


  • benjamin_ellis


    That is a great list of resources, especially the sell things, grow stuff. If people want a milestone/goal based planning tool, <a href=””>Milestone Planner</a> is free (disclosure: I am involved in it, and love helping start ups to plan their business).


  • typeform


    isoworg thanks, of course we will! :)


  • Stuart

    | has the UK’s most comprehensive list of business networking events, essential for any startups!


  • enternships


    rewindfx Thanks for the share, you lovely people.


  • mhhughes8


    Great list. What about adding CoFoundersLab,, to the ‘Meet People’ section. We help entrepreneurs find the right co-founders, advisers, and interns via an online matching platform and via quarterly, in-person Matchups (via Meetup) in more than 30 cities.

    Good luck to all!


  • kylemusserco


    StartupWeekend this list is gold! Nicely put together


  • KimAuclair


    “StartupWeekend: The Ultimate List of Startup Resources! –> #Startup #Smallbiz Any others to add to this list?”


  • nubie_com


    Steve_SEO_UK Fernand0Moreira StartupWeekend Looks like I’ll miss it but peek nubie_com . All the best Steve


  • lornabladen


    isoworg I was surprised that emmaljones’s monthly StartUp Saturday at the BIPC wasn’t featured! Get it on there!


  • isoworg


    lornabladen BIPC I think I should just put emmaljones on the list. In fact, I’m going to write a list of people to pay attention to.


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    Awesome writeup! For startups you may also use Proofhub. Best in features and services.




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